3 Things the world can learn from Shoaib's Mother Hameeda Awan

Shoaib's mother Hameeda Awan breathed her last on 26th December 2021

She was ill from the last few days and was getting treatment in the hospital.

Mothers are precious and a large part of Shoaib's success is attributed to her mother Hameeda Awan

Always be positive

Shoaib's family lived in poverty for many years. But her mother was always cheerful and smiling.

Never Give Up

When Shoaib was three, he suffered from severe cough. Shoaib's nana told her mother that the child would not survive and not to waste money on doctors

But Shoaib's mother took him to many doctors in her arms and got him the treatment. Shoaib survived the cough and became doubly energized due to the blessings of Almighty.

Have Self respect

Shoaib tells in his autobiography that even though the family was poor but her mother wouldn't accept old clothes for Shoaib given by other rich people.

Shoaib's mother always wanted her children to study. It was the school where Shoaib's fearless personality shined as he was naughty but good-hearted kid

Emphasis on Education