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Jewar Airport – Every fact about it


Jewar Airport has been in the news today lately as Prime Minister Modi recently laid the foundation of it a few days ago. Many people have been wanting to know facts about Jewar Airport such as its area, size, and the name of the architect or company who is designing it. In this post, we are briefing about Jewar Airport and will answer some of the common most queries about it.

What is the size in Acres of the Jewar Airport?

The Noida International Airport is likely to have around 13000 acres of land. The distribution of the total land is being proposed at 590 acres to the state government and the remaining land to the private bodies. The airport will have eight runways and will be almost twice the size of the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Who is responsible for the manufacturing of Jewar Airport?

Yamuna International Airport Pvt Ltd (YIAPL) is manufacturing Noida International Airport. This is being done under the public-private partnership model. The meaning of PPP is that multiple bodies of public and private bodies are involved for the long term.

How many terminals will Jewar Airport have?

The final layout of the Noida International Airport will have four terminals and six runways. If it would happen, then Jewar Airport will become the largest in India. The Prime Minister laid the foundation stone for it on 25th November 2021.

How far Jewar Airport will be from Pari Chowk?

The distance between Jewar Airport and Pari Chowk will be around 40 Kms.

What is the opening date of Jewar International Airport?

The exact opening date has not been specified yet however the Airport will become operational by 2024.

What is the official website of Jewar Airport?

The official website of Jewar Airport is http://www.nialjewar.com/

How much is the cost and budget of Jewar Nodia International Airport?

Being developed by Zurich International Airport AG, the final cost of building the Jewar Airport will be around Rs 29,560 crore. The first phase cost around Rs 10050 crores.

Jewar International Airport Bhumi Pujan – when and where can I watch it?

The Live Bhumi Pujan of Jewar Airport was done on 25th November 2021.

Jewar Airport connectivity

The Noida International Airport has been located very strategically. It is 72 km from Delhi from IGI Airport, and almost 40 Km from Noida, 28 km from Greater Noida, 65 km from Gurugram, and 130 km from Agra.

Careers in Jewar Airport?

As of now, there is no opening for any vacancy in Jewar Airport. However, in the coming months and years, there are likely to be many openings for various positions. According to Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya M Scindia, there will be jobs for more than 1 lakh people.

Jewar Airport distance from Delhi and Noida?

It is 72 km from Delhi from IGI Airport, and almost 40 Km from Noida, 28 km from Greater Noida.

What are the design, details, and features of Jewar Airport?

The airport is likely to have 6 runways. The aim is to make it Asia’s biggest airport.

Interesting facts about Jewar Airport?

Who will be the owner of Jewar Airport? And who will operate it?

Upon its completion, the Airport is going to be operated by the Government of India. The Jewar International Airport is being developed by Yamuna International Airport Private Limited (YIAPL) which is a 100% subsidiary of Zurich International Airport AG.

Jewar airport runway details

There will be a total of five runways. However, in the beginning, two runways are being planned. The runways will be increased to a total of five in the coming years.

Jewar airport vs Igi airport

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