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What is the full form of NCRI?


The abbreviation NCRI has many full forms. There are organizations in India as well as abroad that have the name NCRI. In this post, we are going to define not only their full forms but also a little background about them.

NCRI – National council of rural institute

This institute is responsible for the development of the rural regions of India in the field of education, social-economic development, and entrepreneurship. It was set up by the government of India and was changed to the Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education which is known as MGNCRE. It was set up in the year 1995 as a registered autonomous society in Hyderabad. The main objectives of NCRI can be read on this page. The official website of them is this.

NCRI Headquarters in India

The headquarter of NCRI in India is in Hyderabad.

NCRI – National Cancer Research Institute

This is the medical body in the United Kingdom which works under the British government. The aim of the body is to find breakthroughs in cancer research through their partners so that can help millions of people. It is also a charitable incorporated organization. They are responsible for running the annual cancer conference and setting up collaborative efforts from various disciplines of the medical field. It is worth noting that they themselves are not involved in fund research and that they do not lobby anyone. Their official website is https://www.ncri.org.uk/

Is the NCRI.org.uk a charity?

According to their website, ncri.org.uk is about having partners that want to work together in order to facilitate the research which helps in maximizing the research of cancer for the public.

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