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What is the National Council of Rural Institutes?


The National Council of Rural Institutes was established in the year 1995. Established under the government of India, it aimed at building various levels of institutes of formal and informal capacity.

Its effort includes training, research and promotes encourages the hand-holding of many rural institutions. Today, it is now known as Mgncre i.e. Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education and the vision remains even brighter than ever i.e. to make the rural of India with the help of Education, innovation and entrepreneurship. The aspects of Social inclusion, rural education, rural studies, and development are highly emphasized under Mgncre.

Vision and mission of National Council of Rural Institutes

The main vision is to provide quality education to the rural parts of India in order to make them highly resilient. In other words, to make them Unnat Bharat. The main mission is to identify the educational inputs and accredit syllabuses that promote the development of efficient rural livelihoods.

Objectives of National council of rural institutes

In order to tackle the development needs, the Ncri looks to provide higher education to the rural parts of India and also encourages participation through technological innovation with the help of local resources.

To collaborate with leading educational institutions so that equitable economic and social development can be promoted in the rural zones of India.

Working with faculty members and post-doctoral people in order to address the challenges of rural India.

To promote researchers across various disciplines for the betterment of the rural communities by taking help of the higher education.

The institution views India in different regions, therefore, strives to work in conjunction with the Central and state universities and institutes.

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