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Didn’t want to play with fixers: Mohammad Hafeez points the lowest moment when forced to play alongside Mohammad Amir


Pakistani all-rounder, Mohammad Hafeez announced his retirement from all forms of international cricket on 3rd January 2021. The Press conference was called by PCB and the cricketer bid adieu to the game in which he has represented Pakistan for 392 matches. There was a time when the all-rounder protested playing alongside Mohammad Amir, the cricketer who got caught in a spot-fixing scandal in 2010 in England and serve five years ban from International Cricket. Upon his return to the game, senior pros Mohammad Hafeez and Azhar Ali refused to practice with the tainted cricketer.

Told to sit at home for not playing alongside Amir was the lowest point of my career: Mohammad Hafeez

Hafeez was asked during the Press Conference about the highs and lows of his career. Speaking about the protest that he and Azhar Ali staged against Mohammad Amir, Hafeez revealed that he had no choice but to end the protest and play alongside Mohammad Amir as the selectors had told him to sit at home if he doesn’t want to play. Hafeez said that it was the lowest moment of his career when such a condition was imposed upon him by the members of PCB. According to Hafeez, any cricketer who brings shame to the nation should not be promoted or given the limelight.

During 2015 camp, the then PCB Shaharyar Khan had to intervene in order to make up between Azhar Ali, Mohammad Hafeez and Mohammad Amir. Khan during that time commented “I do respect their concerns but some of them, I told them, are not acceptable. It is now their responsibility – Azhar as captain and Hafeez as a senior player – to take him (Amir) like a family,”

Hafeez later said, “I have forgiven all who have damaged the integrity of Pakistan cricket through corruption but I, in principle, am against corruption and will keep holding this stance forever,” Hafeez said.”

The ICC imposed lifelong bans on Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif who were found guilt of spot-fixing whereas Mohammad Amir was let off with five years of ban as the young fast bowler was only 17 years of age at that time.

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