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JP Duminy on India docked off 1 point from WTC


After 30 years of touring South Africa, India was finally able to register its maiden win at Centurion under the leadership of Virat Kohli. India although got 12 points on winning, they were docked 1 point due to slow over-rate. A question that has emerged is whether such calls from the ICC are too harsh when the match has got finished well within the five days.

Salts were rubbed on the wounds of England when they not only got hammered in the first test within four days at Brisbane but the ICC docked off 8 points from them owing to the slow over-rate. The likes of Warne, while commentating with Fox Sports once even recommended that in order to explain the gravity of the problem, captains should be made ineligible for the next match if the team is found of slow over-rate.

Speaking on Cricket.com, JP Duminy shared his opinion on point removal from India due to slow over-rate. “Well, its a gullible challenge at the moment. You think about test cricket on the whole, we see that this conversation is coming up a lot more. We have seen it now in Australia with England. It’s a tough one to manage especially with all the pressure that players are facing during these times. But unfortunately, if we are gonna see improvement, there is potentially gonna have to play a harsher reality of almost immediate challenges when it comes to the test match itself. “

Slow over-rate often is a concern for the broadcasters than it is for the players and officials. 90 overs are expected to be bowled in one day and deliberate attempts of wasting the time, such as too much discussion between the overs or batsmen taking some time off with drinks is often considered a negative tactic by the match officials. Duminy believes that it’s a tough situation for the players since there is always discussion about the tactics against the opponent which may lead to a slow over-rate.

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