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‘Disappointing Statement’: Salman Butt on Ramiz Raja’s reason of foreign team not coming to Pakistan


Ramiz Raja conducted a press conference today where he talked about various aspects. The PCB chairman answered several questions from the media. On a question asked about the teams not coming to Pakistan, Raja said that the conditions in Pakistan may not be apt which is why foreign teams are reluctant to come.

Taking note of this statement, former Pakistani cricketer Salman Butt took a sly dig at the chairman for his remarks. Butt said that cricketing activities are happening in countries despite the problems they are facing, such as the covid cases in England and the terrorist attacks in New Zealand.

Butt in his own words, “What has happened to the situation in Pakistan? Which country is there where the cricketing teams are not going despite the problems. Thousands of people have died due to Covid in England and teams are going there. New Zealand suffered a terrorist attack inside the mosque and yet teams are going there. All big nations have some or the other problem going on always. So the cricketing activity should be stopped? If such a statement was given by the outsider, it wouldn’t have mattered but our own people give such a statement which shouldn’t happen. What problem is here? Do the players become blind after coming to Pakistan? Or their breathing stops? Its a disappointing statement”

Its only a statement till now : Salman Butt on Ramiz’s Raja vision of building 60 international-standard rooms in Cricketing center

Ramiz Raja during the press conference announced that the Board of Governors had approved 60 more rooms of international quality to be built in the High-Performance centers in Lahore and in Karachi. Reacting to it, butt said that it is only a statement till now. “If cricket board changes then the new people may not implement the decisions taken by the previous administrators. We have seen the bio-mechanic lab. It is only partially made. Lets hope that what he (Ramiz Raja) is promising, gets executed.”

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