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Joe Roots on England bowlers making him angry


There is no doubt that Australia’s batting in the second Ashes test was aided by back-of-length bowling from the English side. The likes of Warne were quick to point on the 1st day itself that England could get some results if they could be brave enough to pitch the ball a bit fuller. While the back-of-length bowling dried out runs for Australia, it allowed the likes of Labuschagne and Warne to hang in there and form a solid base for the middle-order batsman to bat pressure-free later on. Root himself admitted that England was a lot potent during the morning of Day 4 when they bowled fuller and picked up three wickets for 14 runs in the first hour of the play.

A reporter asked Root whether he got angry when his bowlers were not responding with bit fuller length balls despite his insistence. Root replied that it is not simple as it looks. Root in his own words, “I don’t think its all that simple as that. You are looking at half a meter at times. And when you are in the moment of things, the number of times it goes play and miss and beat the again, can be frustrating. You feel like you are doing the right thing.”

Our bowlers have to be little bit braver – Joe Root

It is no surprise that England bowlers are lethal in their home conditions. They bowl fuller and allow the pitch and conditions for the ball to do the talking. On this flat Adelaide wicket, they banged in bit shorter as they feared going for runs by bowling full. “I think you just to be little bit braver and get the ball up there and I accept that every now and then we are going to get driven but the skill and ability they have, they are going to create chances. Most dissappointing thing for me is the amount of no-balls we keep bowling and the amount of chances we have missed. I don’t think Australia is that much better than us in these conditions.” Root Said.

Result would have been different if Root had ‘strong conversation’ with his bowlers – Ricky Ponting

Reacting to the press conference of Joe Root, Ponting talked to Cricket.com.au and stated he almost fell off his seat when he heard that. According to Ponting, the purpose of the captain should be to instruct his bowlers for a particular line and length which can get the wickets for the team and if the bowlers aren’t responding to it, then the captain needs to have a ‘strong conversation’ with them. “And if they’re not going to listen, you take them off, simple as that.” Ponting said

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