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Atherton & Nasser Hussain tears apart England’s team selection rationale


Christmas week is on but it look likes only the Australian fans will be celebrating over it. England has got plenty of woes to iron out before they can think of making a comeback into this Ashes series. After being thumped by Australia for 275 runs, England does require a strong head for decision making, especially for their team selection.

Earlier, while speaking to BTSports, Alastair Cook questioned England’s planning over the years for this year’s Ashes and raised the point of bowling combination with which England have never played before. Analyzing England’s performance, on SkySports, Michael Atherton, Hussain, and Robert key made some key observations that require urgent fixing, and the chief amongst them is the right bowling combination.

Nasser Hussain raised strong concerns about England’s team selection and said that things were wrong for England even before the ball was bowled. In his own words, “I think it went wrong again before the ball went down. For the life of me, I can’t work out how on a green top in Brisbane, you win the toss and bat and play a balanced attack with a spinner and leave out Broad and Anderson?. And then you turn up to a flat, dry, and hot one in Adelaide with no cloud cover throughout the test match and you play five seamers and leave out the spinners.? “

Atherton wasn’t far too behind in pointing things that England could have done such as the fuller length which England did bowl for some time on the morning of Day 4, which not only tied down the Aussies but also picked up 3 early wickets. English bowlers bowled a lot of back-of-length deliveries which although dried the runs for Australia but didn’t trouble them. It was as if the English bowlers were afraid to go for runs on a fuller-length ball which also could have brought them some wickets.

Nasser Hussain questioned the team selection rationale for the 2nd Test. In his own words, “I would love to know how English cricket has got to a stage where you see that pitch in Adelaide where Lyon is getting turn and bounce and the likes of Stokes is going past his outside edge ball after ball. How you have got to a stage where we don’t feel we have a spinner?”

It was obvious that the English think tank did not consider the statement of the curator Damien Houghs who said before the start of the match that England should definitely consider a spinner as the pitch has historically supported them. Later Atherton pointed out the absence of Mark Wood, who troubled the likes of Steve Smith, and questioned England’s tactics of resting him for the Adelaide match if he was fully fit.

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