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‘Nathan Lyon doesn’t need variation’ – Michael Hussey on Peterson’s ‘FFS……..’ remark


Kevin Peterson triggered a controversy yesterday on Twitter by expressing surprise on English batters for not being able to score against Nathan Lyon. Peterson termed the bowler as someone with ‘zero variation’ and wasn’t able to believe that the English batters were unable to smash him for runs on the world’s flattest wicket.

Given the records of Nathan Lyon, who is the third-highest wicket-taker for Australia in tests, Peterson’s comment raised an eyebrow and wasn’t taken lightly by the Australian legends Shane Warne and Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting took notice of the comment and slammed Peterson for the remark. The former Australian reminded Peterson about his dismissals against Lyon on four occasions at the expense of only 163 runs. Ponting commented, “Four hundred Test wickets, Kev” on Channel 7. Shane Warne too reflected the same sentiment on Fox Sports for the ‘GOAT’ by saying that Lyon was particularly responsible for creating pressure on one end.

Now Michale Hussey has given his opinion too and according to Mr. Cricketer, the likes of Nathan Lyon don’t need a variation. Speaking to Cricbuzz, Michael Hussy stated “Well, he doesn’t need a lot of variation. He just got to keep spinning the ball hard and getting it into the right area and the pitch is doing enough for him. There is enough turn and enough bounce and enough natural variation for him to be in the game.”

Nathan Lyon in his 102 Test matches has scalped 406 wickets till now at an average and economy of 32.05 and 2.98 respectively, making him one of the all-time greats of spin bowling. Considering that pitches in Australia are rarely spin-friendly, such records speak volumes about Lyon’s achievement and the difficulty he poses on the batsman.

After Warne’s and Ponting’s soft retaliation, Peterson was quick to reply that the Australians had reacted negatively and that they themselves would have gone after Lyon, unlike the English batters.

One of the fans replied back to Peterson that the GOAT would have got more wickets if he had variations and that having 400 test wickets is a testament that he is already a great spinner.

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