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Sourav Ganguly on Virat Kohli’s attitude: It is good but he fights a lot: Did Ganguly took a dig at Kohli?


The last couple of weeks have shown that the two supremos of Indian Cricket, Sourav Ganguly and Virat Kohli are not on the same page regarding the T20 captaincy stepdown. While Ganguly spoke to the media that he personally requested Kohli to not step down from T20, Kohli revealed in his much-awaited press conference that he was never requested to stay on the captaincy, that his decision to step down was received well and even was lauded as a ‘progressive’ step by the board officials.

Since then the public was waiting for the official reply from the BCCI. The sources did voice that Ganguly’s version of events was indeed true and that Kohli has said a lie. Ganguly upon being pressed by the local reporters, told clearly that there will be no press conference, no presser and that the BCCI will deal with it. Now according to a site crictracker.com, Ganguly has said about Kohli and the statement is quite an interesting one.

The site reports, that upon being asked about Kohli at a Gurgaon event, the cricketer, joyously known as the Prince of Kolkatta replied, “I like Virat Kohli‚Äôs attitude but he fights a lot”

Did Sourav Ganguly took a dig at Kohli for his Press conference revelations?

Given that Indian cricket is going through a sensitive period, where Ego clashes and disagreement are at the forefront of problems, has Ganguly given a sarcastic statement in response to Kohli’s Press-conference’s revelations? There were reports from the sources that the office bearers in BCCI were not happy with Kohli’s statements as it clearly demonstrated a contrasting version of events. One source even went on to say that Kohli was talked about the T20 captaincy step down in the presence of 8 people, including Sourav Ganguly, Jay Shah, and Rohit Sharma.

The Board is also trapped in the Catch 22 situation as replying back to Kohli might escalate the communication barrier even more and may affect the team morale given that the man who they will be replying to is one of the faces of Indian Cricket at the moment, if not the sole face. Staying quiet too has its own consequences as it would reflect that Kohli is right and the BCCI chief had lied in the public domain with conviction.

Virat Kohli also revealed that he was and is available for the entire leg of the South Africa tour and dismissed all the reports that he was wanting to skip the ODI tour. Saeed Ajmal even went on to say that Kohli may have been wanting to skip the ODI tour but changed his decision upon sensing that his decision may cause an uproar.

The Indian team is currently on the South African tour and the first test will start on the 26th of December whereas the ODI tour will start from the 19th of January. Rohit Sharma is expected to return to the ODI tour from his left hamstring injury.

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