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Pat Cummins relieved from his mandatory isolation period


Pat Cummins got involved in the Covid scare when he was unknowingly in the vicinity of an individual who later turned out Covid positive. The captain was informed via text message from the South Australia officials and immediately left off the place. Cricket Australia decided not to include the captain for the Adelaide match and jeopardize the much lucrative remaining four matches of the Ashes series.

South Australia had earlier laid down regulations where an individual involved with a Covid +ve would be required to undergo seven days isolation. However, Cummins was allowed to onboard a single charter flight on Saturday to return to his Sydney home. Saturday was the third day of isolation for Cummins.

Pat Cummins need not spend another four days in isolation

The New South Wales government has not yet listed the Adelaide steakhouse as a place of interstate concern where Cummins came in contact with the infected individual which is why he is not required to stay in the isolation anymore. Cummins would have to abide by Level 3 restrictions of course, just like England and the Australian Cricket Team but will be allowed to train ahead of the Boxing day test which will start on the 26th of December.

Earlier, Nick Hockley has emphasized the need for limited restrictions in order to preserve the mental well-being of the players.“We don’t want to completely lock down the players, we want to take a proportionate approach, we are very conscious of their mental wellbeing.” Nick had said when CA got aware of Cummin’s Covid scare.

Cummins had tested negative and will be allowed to dine and mix with families in small groups. The bowler is under heightened restriction to not visit a populated place, especially if it is indoor.

Cummins, the second bowler from Australia to clinch 5-wicket haul on captaincy debut

Pat Cummins had a dream debut to his captaincy. From losing the right toss and bowling and batting in favorable conditions, the bowler scalped five wickets for 38 runs in his 13.1 overs in the first innings. The pacer was appointed to captaincy after the ‘sexting’ scandal of Tim Paine, who is on an indefinite break right now due to mental health.

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