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Kohli’s T20 captaincy step down discussion was discussed with 8 members of the board – BCCI sources


With the South African tour to start shortly, the Indian Cricket is reeling in the storm of captaincy change in ODI that was announced by the BCCI on the 8th of December. According to a report, a source in the BCCI confirmed that Kohli had discussed his T20 captaincy step down matter in front of 8 members of the board and the likes of Rohit Sharma were also present.

Ganguly had earlier revealed in the press that he personally requested Kohli to not step down from the T20 captaincy whereas Kohli stated a different version that the board officials did not have any problem and that it was lauded as a “progressive” step. According to the BCCI source, Virat was asked whether stepping down from the T20 captaincy would be right in the presence of 5 selectors, Sourav Ganguly, Jay Shah, and even Rohit Sharma.

Dilemma for BCCI for Sourav Ganguly

Virat Kohli’s press conference has reflected the BCCI in a negative manner because of the contrasting statements made by the BCCI chief and Virat Kohli about the captaincy debacle. If BCCI responds to Kohli’s statement, it may affect the dressing room environment whereas if BCCI remains tight-lipped, the board risk the danger of being considered guilty. There were also reports that Kohli was not willing to be a part of the South African ODI tour, which Kohli vehemently denied in the press conference. Kohli, in his own words, “I was and is available for the South Africa tour.”

Kohli also revealed that he was informed about his captain removal news just before the end of the call with the selection committee. Fans on social media were livid with this fact considering that Kohli has been the brand image of not only Indian but World Cricket and that the man may not have won an ICC tournament but holds an envious captaincy record of 70.43 in the ODI format.

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