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“BCCI will deal with it” : Sourav on Virat Kohli publicly contradicting him


A day after Virat Kohli revealed bombshells in the press conference, everyone was waiting for the official reaction of the BCCI, especially of Sourav Ganguly. And now the BCCI supremo has responded that the matter will be dealt with by the cricketing body. Kohli on Wednesday revealed that his decision to step down from the T20 captaincy was met with welcome and that nobody requested him to stay on to the T20 captaincy.

It is very rare in Indian Cricket that someone would contradict the likes of Ganguly. The former India captain who revolutionized the Indian Cricket Team in the early 2000s has built a reputation over the years of trustworthiness and authority which is why there were shockwaves when Kohli denied altogether what Ganguly claimed a few days where he requested Kohli to stay onto the T20 captaincy job.

Now, when asked by the local media people, Ganguly responded “No statements, no press conference. We will deal with it, leave it to the BCCI”. Yesterday during a live chat with a program, Sunil Gavaskar said that the question should be asked from Sourav for more transparency on the matter.

Today, Kapil Dev opined that both Kohli and Ganguly should not talk in the public domain about such matters and that a controversy before a tour is not good. According to the sources, BCCI wanted Chetan Sharma to provide clarification on the issue to the press, but the board decided that it is best to refrain from speaking on the matter.

Kohli while announcing the T20 captaincy, stated that he would continue to lead the team in ODIs and test series. Fans on social media are raging against BCCI and Sourav Ganguly for the way incidents have turned out. The Indian team today has departed for South Africa for 3 Tests and 3 ODI series.

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