Home Cricket Is Kapil Dev backing Ganguly over Virat Kohli’s T20 captaincy revelations?

Is Kapil Dev backing Ganguly over Virat Kohli’s T20 captaincy revelations?


Virat Kohli’s press conference revealed contradictions about the T20 relinquishing talks that held between him and the BCCI officials, including Sourav Ganguly. The contradictions clearly state that both the former captain and BCCI chief are not the same page. It all started when India appointed Rohit Sharma on the 8th of December. The BCCI chief then told a leading publication that he requested Kohli to not step down from the T20 captaincy.

Now Kapil Dev, the captain of the 1st World Cup-winning team has expressed his opinion. Talking to ABP News, Kapil Dev said that people should refrain from talking in public. In his own words, “Yes. Indian captain is a big thing but ek dusre ki shayad public mein aake burai karna sahi nahin hoga chahe vo Sourav ho ya Virat Kohli ho. Aap situation ko control kijiye aur better yahi hai ki aap desh ke barein mein sochiye. Jo galat hai vo kal pata chal hi jayega lekin publically aap bahar aa kar belonged toh mein sochta hun ki is samay sahi nahin lagta tour se pehle koi bhi controvery ho”

Translating in English, “Yes. The Indian captain is a big thing but one should not badmouth the other in the public domain whether it is Virat Kohli or Sourav Ganguly. You must control the situation and it would be better if you will think about the country. What is true and false will eventually come into the public domain tomorrow but commenting publically on these things at this moment before the tour is not right in my opinion”

It is interesting to note that Kapil Dev did not react to Ganguly leaking the private discussions between him and Kohli to the media. Kapil Dev may be pointing fingers at Virat Kohli for his disclosure of events but may he could have reacted the same way when the BCCI supremo revealed the private conversation to the media. Journalist Vikrant Gupta, in a segment of Sports Tak on 15th December, said that the root cause of this controversy is Ganguly’s revelations that Kohli was requested to not step down from the T20.

BCCI hasn’t given an official reaction yet. While they would certainly like to give their side of explanation, it may not be easy for them as Virat Kohli is not only the brand image of Indian but even World Cricket and BCCI may have to be careful in dealing with such scenarios in the public domain.

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