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Kohli was already ‘warned’ of consequences in September – BCCI sources


There were a lot of clarifications that were given out by the former Indian captain at the press conference. Kohli revealed that he is available for the South African ODI leg tour and that he never asked for leave for it in the first place. But the standout revelation made by Kohli was that the Indian Test captain was not requested by Sourav Ganguly or anyone to not relinquish the T20 captain. Sourav Ganguly, a few days ago, spoke to a leading publication that he asked Kohli not to step down from the T20 captaincy.

In what could be termed as the counter-attack on Virat Kohli, a BCCI source on condition of anonymity has now said that Virat Kohli was ‘warned’ of losing the captaincy in ODI in September if he relinquishes the T20 captaincy. And that split-captaincy in the shorter format was not an option. The source explains that Virat was requested then not to leave the T20 captaincy. When he did not agree, he was warned of the consequences that the Indian white-ball format will not be able to have two different leaders.

Now that Virat has replied on-record, the ball is in the court of the BCCI supremo to respond to it. The BCCI can be rightly said to be trapped in a catch 22 situation where they may want to respond to Virat’s comments but may not want to do it at the same time.

It is also interesting to note here that Virat insisted in his T20 captaincy relinquishing announcement that he will continue to lead the side in the ODIs and Tests. So one may say that Virat was indeed wanting to remain captain of the country, especially since the next 50 over World cup is only two years away and will be hosted in India. Another important fact that should be noted here is that there were reports of Rohit accepting the T20 captaincy only on the condition of being rewarded with ODI captaincy as well.

Who has saying the truth can only be known to four people i.e. Virat Kohli, Sourav Ganguly, Chetan Sharma, and Jay Shah.

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