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BCCI unhappy with Virat Kohli’s statement in Press Conference – Reports


Virat Kohli revealed quite a lot of things in the Press conference today. The former captain explained the events regarding his removal from the captaincy on the call. According to Virat, the board officials let him know about the removal from captaincy mins before the end of the call.

However, what really caught the attention of everyone was Virat’s denial that Sourav Ganguly requested him to not step down from the T20 captain. Ganguly, a few days revealed to a leading publication that he requested Kohli to not step down from the T20 captaincy. According to Virat, the message was well received by the board officials when he let him know about his decision to relinquish the T20 captaincy in order to concentrate more on the ODI and test formats.

Now there are reports which suggest that the office bearers of BCCI are not happy with Virat’s statements. Speaking on Sports Tak, journalist Vikrant Gupta said the BCCI’s Sourav Ganguly did not have any reason to give interviews about requesting Kohli to not step down.

Kohli revealed that he did not have any discussions about the captaincy with the BCCI from 16th September. It was on 16th September when Virat Kohli announced his decision to step down from the T20 captaincy. It was on the 9th of December that the BCCI told Kohli towards the end of the phone call about their decision to change the captain.

The whole media fraternity is asking whether Sourav Ganguly told the truth or Virat Kohli. Sunil Gavaskar, earlier in the program said that the media should ask Ganguly about it. Critics believe that Kohli’s departure could have been handled better as he has led India in the ODIs for nearly 5 years and has an outstanding winning percentage of 70.43. Whatever the case may be, it is true that BCCI has a lack of transparency about letting the information known to the public. With Kohli’s press conference today, it does look like that the dust is settled and Team India will now look for the preparation to win the Test series and South Africa, which they have never won.

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