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Indian Selectors try to get their zone players in the national side – Greg chappel on the Indian team selection process and the ‘politics at play’


The phase from 2005 – 2007 is widely considered a dark period in Indian Cricket history. Greg Chappel at the helm took some tough decisions, including the removal of Ganguly which caused a huge uproar in India. Even Ganguly has opined his disliking towards Greg Chappel in the public domains. Now the former Indian coach has given his opinion about the selection process in India.

While speaking to abc.net.au. Greg Chappel talked about his coaching experience in India. In his own words, “It was (coaching) very different in India than in Australia for the cultural reasons, a lot more players, there are lot more people (in India) involved in the game, alot more people involved in the decision making, I found out that there were many layers of selection in India.”

Known for his under-arm bowling incident against NewZealand that shocked the world, Chappel commented that the people who chose the selectors feel that their considerations are also important in choosing the squad.

“Not only the selectors, but you had the people who selected the selectors, and the people who selected the selectors all felt that they have a say in the selection. It was much more difficult picking teams in India than it is in Australia where you have a selection panel that is well and truly identified and is left alone to pretty much do the job.”

“The other aspect is that in India, there are more players and therefore pressure to change players because there are that many more who are performing in any given time. I think in Australia, its a little bit easier in some ways that we have less players to pick from, and therefore, you tend to focus on the best players that you have got and work with that group.”

Chappel talked about India having five different zones and therefore, selectors from every zone try to have their players picked up for the national side.

“So it was a very different scenario in India and I had to work within that scenario. I wasn’t the selector. The bigger the panel gets, the more opinions you have got. The selection meetings tend to take a little bit longer because you have the politics at play. Selectors from each zone are jogging for their players to get picked in the team”

However, Greg concluded that by and large, the selectors have got the right team for India more often than not. Chappel had also been involved in the coaching role for Australia. Apart from Ganguly, many Indian players had disapproved of the working style of Greg Chappel.

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