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Disappointed to not have won any ICC tournament: Ravi Shastri


Shastri has had an excellent tenure if we go by statistics. The team managed to give a run of money in South Africa and England. Not only that, they were able to defeat Australia in Australia not once but two times, a feat that has never been accomplished by any visiting team.

India has been facing criticism ever since they almost lost the chance to qualify in the semis after their first two defeats against New Zealand and Pakistan. There were also reports of mental fatigue, scheduling, and IPL cricket that led to over-burdening on the players.

While speaking to India Today, when asked about the ‘regrets’ of his tenure, Shastri replied that not winning an ICC tournament was ‘disappointing but not regret. Under Shastri, the Indian team won 51 encounters from a total of 76 ODIs and lost 22 matches. 2 ODIs were tied and one had no result. The winning percentage was 67%.

When asked whether the IPL schedule could have been the reason, Shastri affirmed and said India plays more cricket than any other team. Terming the Team as ‘Steel’, the departing coach believed that the records in the last five years speak volumes about the achievements of the Indian Cricket Team. In the T20 under Shastri, India managed to win 43 matches out of 65 and lost 18. Two matches were tied and two yielded no result. The winning percentage was 66%.

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Under Virat Kohli, India has been the no.1 Test team for five years

When asked by the host whether it’s the right time for Kohli to relinquish the test captaincy as well after the T20 captaincy, Ravi Shastri replied that it’s up to Virat Kohli to make such a decision. The former coach also said that India has had an excellent record under Virat Kohli and the team has managed to be the number one in test cricket for nearly five years. The coach voiced his opinion that Kohli is still hungry for success.

NewZealand had an advantage in the WTC final: Ravi Shastri

After two years of accumulating the most points for qualifying for the WTC final, India were the favourites. However, Ravi Shastri believed that New Zealand had an advantage as Kiwis concluded their test series against England in England and got acclimatised to the conditions. When asked whether he will be involved in cricket in the future, the former commentator hinted in joining an IPL team as coach or as a commentator.

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