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Micheal Vaughan says ‘NOT OUT’ to Kohli’s controversial LBW dismissal and explains why


India had a great opening partnership, courtesy of Shubhman Gill and Mayank Agarwal. Shubhman Gill played some splendid shots to consolidate a partnership but then threw his wicket of the bowling of Patel. All eyes were on Virat Kohli, as he was making his comeback after a three-week gap.

A good length ball by Ajaz Patel which went straight through the arm hit the pad of Virat Kohli. The umpire after much consideration for a few seconds gave the batsman out. Batsman do not have a second thought about taking the DRS review if they feel they have edged the ball first and that’s what Virat Kohli did.

The review showed that there was a spike on the ultra edge due to the inside edge however the umpire wasn’t able to decipher whether the ball was touching both the bat and the pad at the same time or not. After much reviewing, the third umpire Virendra Sharma ultimately decided that the ball had hit the pad and bat together and therefore went for the ball tracking. The ball tracking showed three red dots, meaning that Kohli had to be given out.

The third umpire said, “Ball and bat and pad appear to be together. that I don’t have any conclusive evidence to overturn that”. The on-field umpire then raised his finger. Virat Kohli didn’t believe that the third umpire had given him out.

Commentator Simon Doull and Laxman Sivaramakrishnan agreed on the decision taken by the on-field umpire. Laxman, in his own words, “and it looks like it hit the pad first and then on to the pad-bat “ whereas Simon doull, in his own words, “Its a hard one to take for the skipper because he knows he hit it. He knows he hit it, but the angle showed and there is fairly conclusive up here in the commentary box as well that it just nipped the pad first then the bat and then the pad”

The commentator further added that according to the laws of cricket, there has to be conclusive evidence in order to overturn a decision, which the third umpire was not able to find and that’s why he stayed with the decision of the on-field umpire. That also means had NZ opted for a DRS in case Virat was judged not out by the on-field umpire, the third umpire, in that case, would have stayed the decision too and in that case, Virat would have been Not out.

Michael Vaughan, known for scathing remarks on the Indian team, has now tweeted what he believed to be the right decision. Vaughan tweeted ‘NOT OUT’ and retweeted a tweet from a user that explained the deviation of the ball thereby indicating that the ball hit the bat first.

The majority of the fans on social media believed that Virat was wrongly judged while few stated that since the ball hit the bat and pad together, therefore the umpire had no way to overturn the decision.

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