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Hardik Pandya was not retained by Mumbai Indians because … : Daniel Vettori


There were rumors circling from the last few weeks that Hardik Pandya may not be retained by the Mumbai Indians team. And the revelations yesterday in the retention IPL program confirmed the rumors. Hardik Pandya was left out and Surya Kumar Yadav was retained in his place. Fans have been fuming on social media on the release of Hardik Pandya, however, according to Daniel Vettori, there was only a particular reason why Mumbai Indians chose to not include Pandya in their retentions.

Vettori elaborated that Mumbai Indians certainly wanted to retain the likes of Hardik Pandya. However, the retention price may not be something that Hardik would have agreed upon, which is why he decided to go into the auctions.

Mumbai Indians retained Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, Kieron Pollard, and Surya Kumar Yadav. The prize money for retention in the case of four players was 16 crores to the first player (Rohit Sharma), 12 crores to the second (Bumrah), 8 crores to the third (SKY), and 6 crores to the fourth (Pollard).

Vettori believes that Sharma and Bumrah were rightly the first two retention choices given their consistent performances over the years, however, the spot for the third retention would have been a close battle between SKY and Hardik Pandya. The hard-hitting all-rounder is unlikely to have agreed to 8 crores which is why he chose to go to the auctions.

Fitness and inconsistent performance may have been a concern for MI

Hardik has been struggling with his back problem over the years, which is why the all-rounder opted for back surgery in 2020. He still hasn’t returned fully to fast bowling and coupled along with his inconsistent performances over the last few months, the franchise may not be willing to offer him the second retention spot for which he would have got 12 crores.

Surya Kumar Yadav would have got atleast 8 cores in the mega-auction: Vettori

SKy has shown great form for Mumbai Indians in the last four seasons amassing 317, 480, 424, and 512 runs in the last four IPL years. Before that, he played for the Kolkatta Knight readers where he came into the limelight by smashing 46 runs of 20 balls against the MI. The player was brought by the MI in the IPL auction 2018 for ₹3.2 crores. According to Daniel Vettori, the likes of Surya Kumar Yadav would have received a minimum of Rs 8 crore offer if he would have decided to go into the mega auction. But due to his successful seasons with the Mumbai Indians, he probably decided to stay with the franchise for Rs 8 crores.

Pollard is a much better player than when he started for MI : Vettori

Speaking to Cricinfo, the participant asked Vettori whether Pollard would have agreed to Rs 6 crore considering that he is a significant player who could have also been offered a captaincy role by the other team? Vettori replied that in the case of Pollard deciding to stay with MI, it is likely a loyalty concern since the hard-hitting West Indian has achieved the heights of his career because of Mumbai Indians.

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